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Sad November – Falling – Ariskea

When the leaves fall on the ground soaked, nature gives meaning to our senses. It plunges us into a deep feeling soft and cold. As we prepare to bury us with white gold. Each wave of the wind gives us chills tils bones .We succumb to our fate, like a beast without defense. At the top of the mountain you can hear the growl of the beast, which is preparing to fall and fall until there is nothing left . Again i close my eyes hearing the surrounding of the falling.. Sad November Events is one special one ! Not only it have been created with heart and gold but by one of my derest friend Missy , she created events since a long time and this one is by far my favorites one , because i love autumn but also because we all put ours heart in it to make a places magical :) I love you girls 1 November at Sad November Fair UNISEX Scarf Collections 6 Colours of Choice ( including Both female & Male Version) I hope you enjoy the Autumn and have a great Happy halloween! I love you Aris


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